"Sensies" branding

A brand with a story of independent woman, 
fully expressing and experiencing their femininity.

About Sensies
Sensies is designed for women who want to know, try, discover her own sexuality and for patient partners who are able to understand, support and help in sharing new experiences. Sensies is a lifestyle journal and e-shop.

On branding process we figured out that this project stands for is sensual, secret and sensational expressions. The name was expected to be emotional, but not too sweet. Sensies - the name and the overall brand build on sensational experiences.

As Sensies brand is never the same so is the brand identity – dynamic and never boring. Muted color palette delivers a vibe suitable for sensitive, diverse, strong and independent woman. 

"S" letter was chosen as the main symbol for the brand, which resembles the first letter of words related to the topic around brand: Sexual, Secret pleasure and Sensuality of the experience. Next to the "S" letter we've put a dot as a symbol of the sexual spot, the tension and sensation resemblance.

In the process of creating Sensies brand we thought about customer experience  - how the client feels when he gets the product, what is his / her expectations, how packaging can ascend customer satisfaction level. We wanted to remove shame label from ordering sex toys, so we created elegant and discrete package for our delivery services.


Client: Sensies            Art direction, Branding & Design: Lina Mass            Illustration: Lina Mass

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