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Lina-Mass is an independent brand identity expert, guiding change-makers by connecting business goals with design, and bringing strategic clarity to brands. 


Cohesive brand

identity design


Strategic clarity

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Brand identity design that win people's heart

“I am very pleased with the Everglow Consultancy brand identity. Lina is very professional and provided guidance and great support through the complex brand creation process. And she nailed it! The best evidence of quality work is that my business partners give us lots of compliments about our brand appearance. I confidently recommend Lina to my clients and business partners who needs new or re-branded visual.“

everglow manager Gintare andrews

We could be a good match

if you need strategic clarity and brand identity design for:

new business launch

You’re an experienced professional in a business who now are ready to shift and launch a business of your own in a mindful approach inspiring change for the better.


Your organization is successful but outgrown your business goals or target audience and now need a compelling brand identity design that wins a new audience’s heart.

change of a BRAND course

You’re in business for some time and you realized that you’ve attracted the wrong clients. Now you are ready to create a deliberate brand strategy, take action to implement and influence how your brand is perceived.

hired for agency work

You are an art-director/ creative of an agency and you strive to serve your client better by delivering expert-level cohesive brand identity design.


Resources on building your brand

What is a Brand Identity?
As a brand strategist and brand identity designer, I want to dispel confusion for my clients of what is brand identity.
How I Become a Brand Strategist?
​Finding your passion early does not guarantee an easy way
Brand structure: visible and non-visible pieces
The brand foundation from the ground up (includes creating visible and non-visible elements).