Win client’s hearts with strategic consistent actions

Show up in an authentic way

strategic clarity behind the brand

the 2 step process

1. Strategic Brand Clarity  

During my long graphic designer career, I was convinced that the clarity behind the brand is created by a strategic approach. How the brand should visually & verbally represent themselves in order to create an outstanding brand personality? The story of why you started this business, your mission creates a connecting thread with the dream clients, so they crave to be part of your brand tribe. No need to be salesy anymore.

2. Verbal & Visual Brand Identity

The strategy creates a strong positioning and works as a foundation for creating the right personality characteristics, voice, visual expression that embody the brand. Strategic direction shapes the visual identity appearance which connects with the client emotionally and helps you translate your position in a clear relatable way. As an independent brand designer, I’m often able to bring agency-level design and expertise to the same project that has a higher cost elsewhere.

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how to engage with Lina–Mass

3 established packages

in 4 weeks

Brand strategy workshop

It's an active collaboration process that ​
excerpts the essence of your brand. 

The resulting document will set
differentiated positioning and gives you guidance on how to develop a brand in visual and verbal communications. 

Delightful brand experiences
wins people's hearts

in 6 weeks

Brand / re-brand identity

Cohesive brand identity is as strong as the strategic clarity behind the brand.

That's why it starts with the brand strategy workshop to craft a strong intentional brand foundation.

Afterward, you get a design system that fully covers your needs.

Logo design system, set of typography, color palette, brand pattern, brand illustrations, icons, layout compositions, style sheet/brand book

in 90 minutes

Consultation call

You think you are not ready to run a strategy workshop. Not just yet.

Or your problem is far too small for the whole process?

We can tackle it in a 1 on 1 conversation call.

Brand strategy workshop

in 4 weeks

Workshop builds the brand foundation during an in-person (anywhere in the world) or online session with organization decision-makers in the room.

The resulting foundation document includes a differentiated positioning and precisely defined dream client profile which creates focus on how to build your brand visual and verbal personality in a strategic way. 

For the 360 brand view, client surveys may be included in the package.


+ Brand positioning
+ Vision/ Mission statements
+ Core values
+ Brand personality
+ Visual: look & feel direction

+ Verbal: tone of voice

+ Messaging examples

+ Dream client profile 

+ Competitor Brand Analysis

+ Insights on potential partnerships

+ Brand Action Plan


+ 2 days workshop session
+ 4 follow up calls
+ Plan for building intentional brand


+ Timeline 4 weeks

+ Brand foundation document

+ Strategy & recommendations

Brand Identity / re-brand

in 6 weeks

Crystallizing your vision to enable your brand to meet its audience.

It starts with the brand strategy workshop to craft a strong brand foundation (see above).

After which we create cohesive brand identity design: from logo to an overall visual appearance including brand typography , color palette, icons, patterns... Style guide and all tools come afterward for you to be equipped for the brand launch.


+ 3-5 logo design versions

+ Identity stylescapes
+ Set of typography
+ Color palette
+ Brand patterns

+ Brand illustrations / icons
+ Layout compositions


+ Brand strategy (mandatory)

+ Visual survey of existing material

+ Visual survey of competitors
+ Style direction
+ Logo design + stylescape
+ Brand identity design

+ 10 Identity pieces design


+ Timeline 6 weeks

+ Logo package

+ Design files

+ Brand style sheet / brand book

Consultation call

in 90 min

Have a clarity issue on what to do, what to communicate next? Realized that your brand attracted not the right audience?

Schedule a consulting call and get guidance to the right way immediately.

brand problems:

+ How to build cohesive identity 

+ How to clarify brand message

+ How to attract the right audience

+ How to tell a Brand Story

+ How to build brand architecture


+ 90 min consulting call

+ Clarity behind the brand 

+ Action plan how to solve the problem

Ready to get started?
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Due to an in-depth design process, I accept only 1-2 brand projects at a time. You’ll get all the attention you deserve.

How brand building experience looks like

Process timeline

one. DefinE the foundation

Every project starts from a set of good questions, unfolding mission, vision along with the ideal client's persona, target audience.... All answers and interviews helps us to shape the right foundation for brand personality and strategy.

TWO. brand strategy and style direction

After getting all information, I dive deep into the company's purposes, brand promises... This is  where brand strategy is born and a style direction for us to see if verbal information aligns with the visual appeal.

three. creative process

In the third step, creative work takes place with all its power. During this stage, I provide 3-5 logo designs (depending on the package), accompanied by directional Stylescape. It is really important to see the context of where the logo will be used. 

four. share and win

You and your customers will love the brand solution we've made. Accompanying documents like brand book guide and Stylescapes provide you with the confidence you need to start implementing the new character of the brand to your businesses.

still got questions or doubts?

Arrange a FREE discovery call

Get in touch! We'll talk about your visions, what you are trying to achieve, what works and what doesn't and determine if we're a good fit. I can't wait to connect. Hit the button, set the date and time... and off we talk.

Frequently asked questions


For new businesses that are only starting out can gain a great benefit as the brand strategy can be a great foundation for their company. It will allow to attract ideal clients and to get the right brand character right from the start. 
And for the established businesses that are experiencing a growth which eventually leads to shifting in their business goals, a change in the target audience. As the old logo can't communicate their new mission and vision and serve their clients appropriately.


By working with fewer clients and more in-depth process gives the best results for the client purposes. Depending on the package you need I deliver all or most of the brand and material during the 3 to 5 week period.

services are not for everyone

If you need a logo and see no value in creating brand personality and just want to label business with the logo, you are welcome to skip and move along with a google search similar to "15 $ for a logo".  My services is for those who need brand foundation and strategy and see the value in it and has the motivation to implement it afterwards and has a long term vision.

is the brand design fully custom

All logotypes and identity materials are created with professional Adobe Suite programs are fully custom made. Will be embodied with the brand strategy we will set in the first step of the branding process.

How will I get all the files?

Logo files for digital usage (web and computer documents) will be provided as *. PNG and *.JPG files and vector format as *.EPS. Identity pieces will be provided as ready to use template files as *AI or *PSD and a preview file in *.PDF format. Just let me know if any other format is needed. Usually, I use the services of "Wetransfer" to send you the best quality possible of opened working files.