Together we create a strong brand foundation based on your business vision and strategy. Focusing on the essence and clear structure.


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I am Lina Kaziliuniene a Brand Architect and designer, an illustrator working worldwide from Kaunas, Lithuania. I represent myself under the name of Lina Mass because it’s simply easier to remember and pronounce compared to my real last name.

I have 15 years of experience in the graphic design field and for the last 5 years, I became passionate about brands, brand strategy. I believe every business needs a winning brand personality and only positive experience for their customers. The logo is simply not enough.

I help clients to create brands by providing high-skilled brand identity designs and strategy consonant with their target audience. I deliver a functional, aesthetically pleasing design with a strong sense of minimalism and clear structure.

Processes and knowledge mentioned in this site come as a result of my hard work and mindset of a life long learner. Together we will clarify your vision and create a brand as a conscious representation of the business.

I am a lecturer in Baltic Technology Institute and I consult other designers and business owners on the Branding subject, so don’t hesitate to connect.

OTHER SKILLS: Illustration, storyboards for animation, product catalogs, typography,
presentation or any creative project where you need a strategic creative thinking and reliable person.

Curious about the work I’ve done lately?