Connecting business goals with design, and bringing strategic clarity to brands


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Hello, my name is Lina-Mass and I am an independent brand strategist and identity expert, guiding change-makers by connecting business goals with design and bringing strategic clarity to brands.

During my long career as a graphic designer, I definitely see a way for businesses to level up using the power of design and branding. But only if done right. The question of how to do it right lead me to a Brand Strategy course created by great brand strategist and Co-host on the Futur channel Melinda Livsey. There I learned the fundamentals of how to build a brand from the core.

What to expect from the strategy? It is the foundation of the brand, that defines Brand (who you are), how should you talk (tone of voice) and look (visual style direction) and with whom you are talking to (ideal client). In the end, you get clarity on how to connect the brand communication with ideal clients in an authentic way that helps to reach whatever business goals you have.

The resulting Brand foundation document comes after the online or in-person strategy session, which then can be used as a guide for brand identity design, creating marketing strategies, social media strategies, creative briefs, copywriting...

Here's how I can help you and your business:
+ by facilitating a brand strategy workshop and bringing clarity what's next for your brand
+ by designing a cohesive brand identity and strategy for a successful brand launch
+ by re-branding existing business and setting a clear strategic direction
+ by hiring me as a brand identity designer, after the brand strategy session

Not sure if we are the right fit for each other, book a discovery call (30 min) and let's talk about your goals and what is the best possible way to attain them.

Brand the change you seek to make

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