Marius Jakulis Jason foundation

Marius Jakulis Jason foundation changes the established order, enabling Lithuanian talents worldwide to go back to live and study in Lithuania.

The foundation is based on three values: Innovation, Intelligence, Change.

The aim of the Foundation to attract foreign Lithuanian talents to develop innovative businesses in Lithuania, provides an opportunity to acquire a master's degree in the best foreign universities and funding of scientific careers in Lithuania.


The mark consists of the initials MJJ (Marius Jakulis Jason), the founder of the foundation. The letter J, as a repetitive graphic element, forms the letter M and creates a visible twist, knot, as a symbol of continuous thread with Lithuania in a joint composition.

The magnet association visible on the mark reflects the foundation's primary goal of attracting Lithuanian talent back to it's homeland.

The design of the mark is based on the ratio of the golden section.

Client: Mariaus Jakulio Jason fondas       Agency: Buro     Creative director: ArtÅ«ras Bulota    
Logo & Identity Design: Lina Mass

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