FinBee provides friendliest peer-to-peer loans on the market with no artificial sweeteners, that supports a healthy financial life.


Lina-Mass worked closely with the team responsible for a new FinBee re-brand. She was responsible for visual strategy and design. During the exploration phase, our main focus and research were on finding the right character for the BEE. As it had to be professional in the first place, not too childish, but remain a bit funny as the strategic goal of the company was to make financial solutions more approachable.

With the full branding, we decided to create a clear distinction between three main services by choosing three colors for each to attract the right target audiences. Lina-Mass developed a visual strategy, created the logo and identity system to help FinBee launch their new Brand with confidence, reflecting the innovative work they do and modern philosophy.


Brand Identity

Visual Strategy
Brand Guidelines

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Client: FinBee         Agency: Buro             Visual Strategy, Brand Identity Design: Lina Mass    

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