Do you ever think that successful people are born only for wealthy parents or have some special skill talents? At least I did think so. Magical T-shirts that brings luck. The thing is, we all want success in life, but we have limiting beliefs that success is for someone special with the exceptional skill set.

Success for everyone means totally different things. For some of us (or even a majority) success is to stack a pile of money, for others success would be to in career, like to get a promotion or to be simply noticed by our work. Some of us success associates with having a family with a loving partner. What personal characteristics determine success? Would you be able to identify which of your classmates going to succeed in life, and which will be less successful?

Do science and success have anything in common? Well, it sounds strange when they are next to each other. However, they do have something in common: science researched success. What determines success, how to become successful, what skills to manage? These and many more questions cover “Coursera” course “Science of success”. There are lots of courses out there about success, but this one is worth considering: it’s free, and it is research-based. Not a scam.