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How to have more hours in a day?

Whether you are in an “I should” stage or already committed to implementing learning lifestyle you will eventually hit the question of how to achieve more in a given period of time? Why it seems that some people have more than 24 hours a day? They do this and that, and then post on social, […]

How to be successful?

Do you ever think that successful people are born only for wealthy parents or have some special skill talents? At least I did think so. Magical T-shirts that brings luck. The thing is, we all want success in life, but we have limiting beliefs that success is for someone special with the exceptional skill set. […]

The power of vulnerability

I love Brene Brown she writes and talks about vulnerability about shame as a birthplace of creativity, innovation, new ideas. The power of vulnerability is still in top 5 ted talks. I watch it once a month. Definitely worth your time if you wish to manage how your emotions and brain works. I am sorry, […]

AKIMBO Podcast from Seth Godin

Freelancers ≠ entrepreneurs Oh, it is so urgent to understand the topic that Seth Godin dived deep down into before you find yourself in pain, figuring out how to grow as a freelancer. There are possible ways and there are ways to avoid.  It made me think. Here’s a quick quote from the AKIMBO podcast to […]

570 pages of Ray Dalio book “Principles” now available in 30 min animation

 I’ve read a book Ray Dalio “Principles”. I won’t bother you with the recommendation, the minority would read 570 pages… It’s a commitment!  Even though, definitely worth to read more than once. It’s like a guide on how to have a successful life and work. Actionable guide.  But still in 570 pages…  “Video animation would be nice” – emailed a lot of people […]