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This is how passion looks in visually

I watched a video on how to find personal calling (or passion) by Chase Jarvis and Chris Guillebeau. I was not convinced that it really possible to find… 🤔🤔🤔 My research took further action and I stumble upon Seth Godin interview on the same topic. 🤨🤨 It gave some light in the dark. But… 💫💫💫 […]

How to be successful?

Do you ever think that successful people are born only for wealthy parents or have some special skill talents? At least I did think so. Magical T-shirts that brings luck. The thing is, we all want success in life, but we have limiting beliefs that success is for someone special with the exceptional skill set. […]

AKIMBO Podcast from Seth Godin

Freelancers ≠ entrepreneurs Oh, it is so urgent to understand the topic that Seth Godin dived deep down into before you find yourself in pain, figuring out how to grow as a freelancer. There are possible ways and there are ways to avoid.  It made me think. Here’s a quick quote from the AKIMBO podcast to […]

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing” Elbert Hubbard. I always thought this quote belongs to Aristotle. Quote investigator proved me wrong. Did you know there are such services as “quote investigation”?

570 pages of Ray Dalio book “Principles” now available in 30 min animation

 I’ve read a book Ray Dalio “Principles”. I won’t bother you with the recommendation, the minority would read 570 pages… It’s a commitment!  Even though, definitely worth to read more than once. It’s like a guide on how to have a successful life and work. Actionable guide.  But still in 570 pages…  “Video animation would be nice” – emailed a lot of people […]