We are the universe

When I was little I used to look in the night sky with a wonder – what is it out there? and I felt an enormous amount of energy just thinking about never-ending space. it’s scary not have limits, although it’s painful to have either. Cosmos theme always interested me, that’s why when I was in London, I visited Science Museum and was lucky enough to see the newest documentary “Hidden universe”. My ink art is about the last sentence of the movie “We are the universe”. That is still playing in my head on a loop. But it’s a good loop.

How to be successful?

Do you ever think that successful people are born only for wealthy parents or have some special skill talents? At least I did think so. Magical T-shirts that brings luck. The thing is, we all want success in life, but we have limiting beliefs that success is for someone special with the exceptional skill set.

Success for everyone means totally different things. For some of us (or even a majority) success is to stack a pile of money, for others success would be to in career, like to get a promotion or to be simply noticed by our work. Some of us success associates with having a family with a loving partner. What personal characteristics determine success? Would you be able to identify which of your classmates going to succeed in life, and which will be less successful?

Do science and success have anything in common? Well, it sounds strange when they are next to each other. However, they do have something in common: science researched success. What determines success, how to become successful, what skills to manage? These and many more questions cover “Coursera” course “Science of success”. There are lots of courses out there about success, but this one is worth considering: it’s free, and it is research-based. Not a scam.

Simply try, even it takes you 15 years

I remember myself drawing this picture back in the days when I was 16. It was my meditation, my peaceful practice, and a self-expression. The next memory is about that second thought which came to me when I finished that art piece: It would be nice to draw not an abstraction, but a real thing, like an OWL. Yes, I did think about an owl drawn with abstract and geometrical forms. And then my inner critic rose up and stated: Nope, that would be too hard, time-sensitive and you probably would fail. It seems like it is easier to accept not trying at all than to accept to attempt with the probability to fail. Finally, I did draw a real animal with geometric and ornamental objects. It is not an owl, it’s a fox.


It doesn’t even matter what it is. The thing is that I did it. I managed to push myself through and to actually do it. Even though it took me 15 years to simply try.

AKIMBO Podcast from Seth Godin

Freelancers ≠ entrepreneurs

Oh, it is so urgent to understand the topic that Seth Godin dived deep down into before you find yourself in pain, figuring out how to grow as a freelancer. There are possible ways and there are ways to avoid.  It made me think. Here’s a quick quote from the AKIMBO podcast to make you think too:

“Freelancers are not the same as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs get paid when they sleep. They create assets they build something bigger than themselves. They build something in value so that they can sell. Their job is not to do their job. Their job is to invent jobs for other people. Freelancer, she gets paid when she works she gets paid for her craft, she gets paid for showing up and creating magic. Pain can kick in when freelancers think she has to grow. Thinks he has to start acting like an entrepreneur…”

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”
Elbert Hubbard.
I always thought this quote belongs to Aristotle.
Quote investigator proved me wrong. Did you know there are such services as “quote investigation”?

Curiosity is a vitamin of learning – Sir Ken Robinson



Everyone has a talent.  I am a huge believer that by simply following your curiosity – you can find it easier and enjoy your life and your work instead of waiting for the weekend. Sir Ken Robinson states that our education system does not help to find your talent. It more like destroys. The difficult theme, but at

least watch it for the laughter you’ll get. You can watch this or any other talk of Sir Ken Robinson, they all worth hearing.

570 pages of Ray Dalio book “Principles” now available in 30 min animation

I’ve read a book Ray Dalio “Principles”. I won’t bother you with the recommendation, the minority would read 570 pages… It’s a commitment!  Even though, definitely worth to read more than once. It’s like a guide on how to have a successful life and work. Actionable guide.  But still in 570 pages…  “Video animation would be nice” – emailed a lot of people to mister @Ray Dalio. He listened well and here it is 30 min animation on how to be successful. With gratitude for the author.

Authentic London vibes in just 3 days

I always had a dream to see London, that legendary metropolitan city…To feel his vibe and smell authentic history and architecture. If I travel I want to see the real view of the city, not that shiny most visited area, seen on every postcard on every corner. I did not prepare, so I can experience all by myself, and see all surroundings for the first time live. I am sure you know that feeling when you honestly prepare for the trip and when the time comes you do see no point in traveling because you already have seen and know everything. That’s why seeing LIVE is so precious. Summary: I choose to bicycle around London for two days, that was awesome. I spend 1 day in “Tate modern” art museum and 1 day in the “Science museum“. Both, totally worth it and not only because its free. London vibes are magical, culture life sprouts… lots of activities. But Just for a weekend run-away. I would prefer to live somewhere further from those never-ending concrete jungle. I guess this is the price of the metropolitan city. Well, what can I say, I am a nature lover… (Still, ….New York you are on my list… :)))