I always had a dream to see London, that legendary metropolitan city…To feel his vibe and smell authentic history and architecture. If I travel I want to see the real view of the city, not that shiny most visited area, seen on every postcard on every corner. I did not prepare, so I can experience all by myself, and see all surroundings for the first time live. I am sure you know that feeling when you honestly prepare for the trip and when the time comes you do see no point in traveling because you already have seen and know everything. That’s why seeing LIVE is so precious. Summary: I choose to bicycle around London for two days, that was awesome. I spend 1 day in “Tate modern” art museum and 1 day in the “Science museum“. Both, totally worth it and not only because its free. London vibes are magical, culture life sprouts… lots of activities. But Just for a weekend run-away. I would prefer to live somewhere further from those never-ending concrete jungle. I guess this is the price of the metropolitan city. Well, what can I say, I am a nature lover… (Still, ….New York you are on my list… :)))