I remember myself drawing this picture back in the days when I was 16. It was my meditation, my peaceful practice, and a self-expression. The next memory is about that second thought which came to me when I finished that art piece: It would be nice to draw not an abstraction, but a real thing, like an OWL. Yes, I did think about an owl drawn with abstract and geometrical forms. And then my inner critic rose up and stated: Nope, that would be too hard, time-sensitive and you probably would fail. It seems like it is easier to accept not trying at all than to accept to attempt with the probability to fail. Finally, I did draw a real animal with geometric and ornamental objects. It is not an owl, it’s a fox.


It doesn’t even matter what it is. The thing is that I did it. I managed to push myself through and to actually do it. Even though it took me 15 years to simply try.